Inaugural Landcare Youth Summit

On Tuesday 1 December, two Year 11 students, Amelia Willix and Claire Orton represented the College by participating in the Inaugural Landcare Youth Summit. It was an informative day with guest speakers and workshops. The students also had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session about what the SFX Landcare Project initiative will be all about.

The students were able to listen and speak to Kareem El-Ansary (former UN Youth Ambassador), Dr Anika Molesworth (Farmers for Climate action), Saskia Gerhardy (Young Landcare Leader), Ngalan Gilbert (Young Indigenous Landcare leader) plus many more! The students were encouraged to engage, question and propose ideas for how they can take control of their own futures and together make environmental change.

The SFX Sustainability Team will be able to use the grant from Landcare Australia to start our own landcare project.


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