SFX students and staff had the opportunity to hear Sam Cawthorn tell his miraculous and inspiring story, when he visited the College recently. Out of adversity Sam has developed strategies and systems to ENGAGE, INSPIRE and TRANSFORM teenagers to overcome challengers and smash any preconceived ideas that things are too hard or they can’t achieve.

Parent Workshops: Giving parents the information they need to communicate effectively with their children on the issue of bullying and cyber bullying.

The Hub will be officially blessed by Monsignor John Woods and opened by Andrew Leigh MP and the Director of the Catholic Education Office, Moira Najdecki, on Wednesday 1 May at 5pm. If you would like to attend the opening you are most welcome. Please RSVP by telephoning on 6258 1055 or e-mail school.office@sfx.act.edu.au

Students participated in the Holy Thursday Prayer Service, centred on the Washing of the Feet and the Stations of the Cross. We tried to focus on the importance of service to others in our school community and beyond.  The Stations of the Cross were performed by Youth Ministry who did an amazing job enacting the silhouettes. Each station had a short reflection which was relevant to our own life. A long anticipated Easter arrived and we heard the words ‘Jesus is Risen!’ again, the words that offer hope, promise and new life.

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