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It has been a busy start back to school for Years 7 and 8 in the SFX Middle School. It’s been wonderful to be face to face rather than remote learning and we have been taking full advantage of this.

Students have been engaged in literacy rotations which have incorporated reading comprehension, diving into new novels, grammar, the exploration of texts on ancient societies and mythological stories from these periods. We’ve enjoyed working outdoors on beautiful days and using the flexible learning spaces in the middle school and in the hub. Classes have begun visiting the Resource Centre for orientation and to learn how to access the many digital resources designed to support and extend their learning. Each class has taken some time to visit the school’s Sustainability Garden—feeding the chickens, caring for the worm farms and planting sunflower seeds. There is no doubt from the smiles that this is a highlight for many students, and with sustainability being a cross curriculum priority, addressing the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life, it is authentically integrated to the Humanities curriculum and student experience.

Year 7 have already enjoyed Mini-Reflection Day (hosted by the senior leaders and the college’s new Spirituality & Liturgy Coordinator, Jo Reed) as well as a performance by Starr Productions, focusing on Ancient Egyptian history. We look forward to many more exciting learning opportunities in the Middle School in the coming weeks of Term 1.

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