OnlyFans and Omegle guides for Parents and Teachers

Recently after a Channel 10 television showed called MirrorMirror aired, hundreds of parents reached out to The Safe on Social team to ask about two popular social media platforms: Omegle and OnlyFans.

We believe that knowing how the online world operates will help us talk about it with our children, so below you’ll find two free Safe On Social resources designed especially for parents & teachers to understand what these apps are, what dangers to be aware of and most importantly, how to talk to your kids about them.



Around since 2009, Omegle is something of an internet cockroach; it just won’t die. And this site is a disturbing and a serious concern that needs to be on your radar. Barely mentioned in cyber safety talks these days, Omegle can claim to be one of the more frightening social media services seen in for a while.
Download our Omegle guide for Parents here
With more than 50 million registered users and more than 1 million content creators worldwide, OnlyFans is unlike any other online platform online and, parents should understand what OnlyFans is about. OnlyFans doesn’t have a lot of restrictions in place, making it easy for content creators to post adult material, which is what the site eventually became known for.

Download the OnlyFans guide for Parents here

We hope these resources provide the confidence to spark discussion at home or in the classroom. You can find information and tools online here:

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