Our #SFXFlorey Newsletter for May 18, 2018

St Francis Xavier College puts out a monthly newsletter which is available here as a PDF.

You can also subscribe to receive the newsletter by filling in your details at the following link http://sfx.act.edu.au/newsletter/

Please feel free to send feedback about the formatting, articles or for more information to communications@sfx.act.edu.au.

We hope you enjoy our monthly news which is also available on our website.

  • From the Principal
  • SFX Promotional Video
  • A Mother’s Heart Carries her Heart in your Heart
  • Our New Information Guide for SFX
  • St Monica’s Cookbook
  • Woo-ing Students and Teachers at SFX
  • SFX Florey Students Doing ANU Extension
  • Being My Best Self | A Catholic Approach to Relationships
  • Spiritual Journeys Shared with Year 10
  • Sport @ SFX
  • Inaugural SFX Writers’ Festival
  • Special Provisions in Inclusive Education
  • Homestays Required for Italian Students
  • MADD Night at SFX
  • Screen Smart Parent Tour
  • Parentline Information
  • Student Office Reminders
  • Social Media
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