Principal’s Blog – 20 November 2020

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

There is little argument that education is the key to setting individuals up for a meaningful, productive and enjoyable life. Schools are responsible for the teaching of the three R’s and there is some debate over how much content is necessary. Predicting what skills would be needed by 21st century employees is worth thinking about.

‘The key areas of education that will best prepare students for the future are their interpersonal skills like empathy, intuition and negotiation, their critical skills like analysis, evaluation, interpretation and synthesis, and their creative skills including originality and design’ says Michael McQueen.

A comprehensive curriculum exposes students to the skills mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Offering a wide variety of subjects allows students to develop the skills necessary in the current and future work environment. In a Catholic School, the students also gain a deeper understanding of religion, spirituality, ethics and morals. These are also very important as we assist in the development of individuals who will contribute to a more compassionate, accepting and caring community.

As the Year 12 students graduate soon, we say goodbye to them as they complete their schooling and move into the next phase of their journey in life. They are emerging adults who can now vote, obtain a driver’s licence and legally attend clubs. While they may not have fully developed all the skills mentioned above just yet (because education is ongoing), they are certainly fine young people who will make a difference in their respective communities. We wish them every blessing as they graduate from SFX and thank them for their leadership in 2020 particularly.

Best wishes

Paul Carroll

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