Principal’s Blog – 20 August 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, Students and Staff

We have negotiated remote learning for a week now and everything appears to be going reasonably well. Thank you all for your engagement in the processes and communication channels.

All the teaching staff and classroom support assistants have contacted the students and all students have been present and accounted for during this time. This is a fantastic result. Our main concern is to ensure the students remain in contact through the remote learning time. I am very grateful to the staff for the preparation and ongoing management of all aspects of the remote learning environment.

Each student is expected to be present for the pastoral care lesson at the beginning of the day through MS Teams. We must keep a record of “online attendance” from a legal point of view but also ensures the staff can check in with the student and monitor their progress.

I encourage students or parents to reach out through email, Canvas or telephone if issues arise.

We completed 3 of the 6 shows of  The Addams Family musical before lockdown. No decision has been made in regard to the remaining shows at this time. We will decide on the remaining shows when ACT Health allow us to return to school.

In this newsletter, through other emails and on our social media pages there are useful links regarding managing one’s mental health. I draw your attention to these as we make sure we look after each other.

Of course, looking after our spiritual health is also very important so I draw your attention to the SFX Care Hub which can be found on the Canvas portal. There are excellent resources available that can be accessed. Our Youth Ministry team is regularly updating the items here so check in from time to time.

Stay safe and go gently.

Paul Carroll


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