Principal’s Blog – 12 March 2020

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Our world is a very small place indeed when one considers how the coronavirus has affected us all in so many ways. Whilst the need to contain the virus is absolutely needed and obviously sensible, the fear and panic response is not justified, in my opinion. How did we get to the point of storming the supermarkets to stockpile on toilet paper in addition to the possibility of a global recession? Hopefully, the psychologists and sociologists might provide some insights here.

In the school setting, we are reminded to maintain effective personal hygiene practices. There are numerous hand sanitiser stations in strategic locations that everyone can use. The more temperate days means that windows can be open and fresh air is able to circulate the classrooms. Of course, the best plan to overcome the flu is to stay in bed. So, I trust that we will all behave responsibly and “do the right thing” for the common good of our community.

The Director and the Catholic Education Office are in constant communication with ACT Health so we will be guided by the advice provided at the appropriate time. We will keep the community informed of any developments that affect SFX.

Community Council

The Community Council met for the first time this year earlier in the week. We will provide a report through email on the major discussion items. Congratulation to Simon Hackett on being elected Community Council Chair and Michael Debenham on being elected Deputy Chair. Given that the College undergoes Registration this year, there will be a great deal of focus on governance matters.

Parent Survey

Catholic Education sent an invitation for parents to respond to an online survey. It is being undertaken by JWS Research and your responses will remain confidential with the data aggregated for the final report. The purpose is to better understand your opinion of the value Catholic schools like ours provide and what that means for you and your children. It would be wonderful if you could set aside the 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Lent and Project Compassion

We are a third of the way through Lent and it is a good time to reflect on how we are going. The three focus areas for Lent include prayer, fasting and almsgiving (giving to others as an act of virtue). For the latter, the students are contributing to the Project Compassion boxes each day. This is where the students contribute cash to enable the poor to access food, clothing, shelter and an education through Caritas. Maybe the recent donations to the Bushfire Appeal and other events (such as the economic downturn) has meant the gifting has been a little less than previous. Whatever is collected will be a bonus to those less fortunate and a reminder for ourselves that we have a responsibility to be charitable because we have to look after the neediest. You can donate to our appeal online.

Best wishes

Paul Carroll

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