Project Compassion + Lent, 2019

By Sr Sue Hallams sgs

Next Wednesday, 6 March, is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent. There will be an Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the Gym in Period 3. This will also be the official launch of Project Compassion.

During this week the Senior Leadership Team will be visiting Pastorals to distribute Project Compassion boxes and encouraging the students to give generously so that others who lack many necessities in life may enjoy better lives.

They will also distribute posters and leaflets which provide good information about Project Compassion. It would be helpful if you could talk about these with your students and encourage them to give generously.

The theme for Project Compassion 2019 is based on Hope: Giving Lent 100% .

For Project Compassion 2019, we will be focusing on six stories which show the power of hope and the work of Caritas Australia in communities in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Australia, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

I have attached a summary of these projects (Lent Bulletins) for your information as well as weekly reflections you may like to use.

The Project Compassion website has some excellent resources for the classroom use e.g. Hums, PDCV, pastoral, RE etc.

There are multimedia resources for each week of Lent.

Procedure for Collecting Project Compassion Boxes

  • Return the box with your Pastoral Folder to the Student Office each morning
  • The money will be collected by the Finance Office and tallied.
  • The Box will be returned to your Pastoral Pigeon hole for collection the next morning.

If you have any queries I am happy to talk to you. Thank you for your support of Project Compassion.

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