School Board and Community Council review

The Catholic Education Commission endorsed the establishment of a Working Group to review various aspects of Archdiocesan School Board and Community Council models.

During the course of this year the Working Group has engaged in targeted consultation with internal stakeholders and has had some preliminary discussions with a narrow group of external stakeholders, including representatives from the Catholic School Parents Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

The Working Group is now seeking to draw on the experiences, expertise and perspectives of parents and carers, school staff and members of school communities through a process of general consultation. To this end, an Issues Paper has been drafted outlining the key issues that the Working Group has identified to date and posing a number of discussion questions that the Working Group is seeking responses to (see attached).

The following link will outline further information from Mr Ross Fox, Director of Catholic Education.

The closing date for submissions is 2 September 2022

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