Science Week 2019

We’ve been to the moon, learnt about tardigrades, built rockets and performed titrations. There were various other activities provided for students to celebrate Science Week 2019.


Bryce Dalla Costa from Year 7 gave a talk during Science Week about his favourite subject, tardigrades. He has been reading about these fascinating creatures for about two years and he prepared a presentation on them which is in the display cabinet outside Lab 5.

Bryce knows many interesting facts like that they:

  • are indestructible
  • have survived meteorites and radiation and
  • can live in areas with high pressure and extreme cold.


SFX senior students are always very competitive participants in state and national titration competitions. On Thursday, several Year 11 students demonstrated the technique and were happy to explain what they were doing to Year 7 students. The Year 7 students were given an opportunity to use the equipment and hopefully they will participate in the competition when they are senior students.

Moon Landing

Some of our students got to explore the moon this week to celebrate National Science Week.


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