Seasons for Growth Program to Run at SFX

Seasons for Growth is a program for young people which deals with issues of change and loss in our lives and how people respond to these losses. Sr Sue Hallams SGS facilitates this program at SFX.

Seasons uses the imagery of the seasons in nature to illustrate the experience of change and loss in a person’s life.

“We might lose someone we love, parents or family may experience separation, we may move to a new place or school. All these changes can be significant, particularly for young people,” said Sr Sue.

Seasons helps young people realise that they are not alone in dealing with the effects of significant change, loss and grief. It also aims to strengthen their emotional and social wellbeing by:

  • Exploring the impact of change and loss on every-day life
  • Learning new ways to respond to these changes

Seasons for Growth is a small group program of eight weekly sessions for one hour each week. It provides young people with a safe space to learn, share and reflect with others through a variety of activities e.g. art, drama, music, stories.

It also looks at the different ways individuals respond to change and loss and helps them understand that we all react differently. By working and sharing together students build a sense of trust and belonging within the group.

The program is based on current psychological research and is open to all students in Year 7-12.

Students who are interested or would like to find out more need to get in touch with Sr Sue Hallams on You could also contact your Year Coordinator.

Seasons for Growth will run during school time from the beginning of Term 3, 2018 and anyone interested should let Sr Sue or your Year Coordinator know by the end of next week.



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