2018 RACI Titration Stakes Competition

By Dr Karen Humphrey

On Tuesday, 29 May, two SFX teams competed in the 2018 RACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) Titration Stakes Chemistry Competition, in the Science Teaching Laboratories at the ANU. This competition is sponsored by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and organised by the Department of Chemistry. All SFX students performed well in the competition, which involves working in teams to determine the concentration of unknown solutions using titration analysis. There were 30 teams from 10 different colleges competing.

Jack Le Fevre, Darcy Gilmour and Zac Trafford won the competition and received a wonderful medal. They will compete in July against the others who placed in the top ten team. Desmond Lee, Ken Kaneko and Michael Brooker performed well and just missed out on a place in the final. The finals will be held in July at the ANU and the students from the ACT will be competing against finalists from other states.

I would like to acknowledge the work done by Karla and Chris, our laboratory technicians. They supplied equipment and solutions for the practice sessions and organised equipment to be used in the competition. Without their support and commitment, our participation would not be possible.

I would like to congratulate all students and I appreciate their effort as they practised for the competition in their own time and were wonderful representatives for SFX during the competition. Our finalists will have more difficult titration analyses to do in July and I wish them well.





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