Senior Leadership Team, 2018

Our Senior Leadership team for St Francis Xavier College is as follows:

2018 captains

College Captains: Luke Houghton and Holly Freeman

College Vice Captains: Barnaby D’Cruz and Ella Snowden 

Dullugal: Dylan Faram and Xanthe Housego

Gariwang: Albert George and Carlee-Ann Tonkin

Irin Irin: Dillon Manning and Georgina Simpson

Pindari: Daniel White and Laura Monaghan

Koorilla: Nic Thomas and Jade Cummins

Spirituality & Wellbeing: Mateja Kostrica and Trish Chipangura

Social Justice: Evonne Johnston and Sarah Hajduk

Sustainability & Environment: Jackson Brands and Hayla Pentland-Withington


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