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August 20, 2021

College Basketball – Wednesday 28 July 2021

Teacher: Mr Beerworth

College Boys Team:  Chad Anyang, Jesse Brooks, Jye Smith, Jye Rushton, Ben O’Connor, Jaiken Bell, Will Sutton, Shivesh Sonah, Joshua Garrity, Daniel van der Plaat

Senior Coach: Geordan Whitton

Teacher: Mrs Martin

College Girls Team:  Brooke Arrow, Jemma Davey, Kaylee Charlton, Samantha Charlton, Abbey Debenham, Lily Begbie, Favour Lokudu, Charlotte Rauraa, Maka Zanga, Abby Tebangin

On Wednesday 28 July the College students suited up for the John Stelzer and Kate Tominac Basketball Cups, playing teams from across the ACT. Both teams brought enthusiasm and a sense of fun to the day. While the results did not go our way the students were able to show teamwork and courage as they played through the competition.

The girls team brought together students with a range of different sporting experiences, but with the common goal of having a great day as a team. They worked hard to learn skills on the run, defend and share the ball around. As the day progressed it was fabulous to see them have little wins in games.

The boys started the day with strong games in their pool matches. The team had a lot of experience as a group. It showed in the way that that worked together to bring each other into the game and celebrate the 1 percenters with each other. As the day progressed against strong opposition the boys stuck to their guns and played hard, fair and with spirit.

Both teams played with courage across the day and enjoyed the opportunity to represent the college. Thanks for a great day out.


College Oztag – Friday 30 July 2021

Teacher:  Mr Marrapodi

College Boys Team:  Ky Marriott, Chad Anyang, Jesse Brooks, Jye Smith, Callam Thomas, George Wood, Jye Rushton, Zach Rukavina, Connor Sidlow, Jaiken Bell, Luke Wyche, Ryan Ulrich, Cooper Loughhead

Senior Coach: Geordan Whitton

 Teacher: Mrs Reppion-Smith

College Girls Team: Kyarna Toohey, Jorja Simpson, Noumi Musa, Brooke Arrow, Ashlyn Walters, Sam Charlton, Kaylee Charlton, Ashlea Weston, Ellie Bishop, Jess Workman

The College Oztag Gala day started off with frozen fields and cold foggy Canberra conditions. The fog finally cleared into a beautiful sunny day which made a great day for some quality tag. Both the Boys and Girls teams had great enthusiasm on the day and supported their teammates. The College Girls team had some fantastic run away tries, played with excellent team spirit and it was nice to see everyone was given equal opportunity on the field. They won 3, lost 1, drew 1 and unfortunately just missed out on the finals. The College Boys team also had a cracking day out with some great attacking and defensive plays. The Boys came up against some tough competition but gave the teams a run for their money. Unfortunately, they also just missed out on playing in the finals. Congratulations to all who participated and thanks for a great day out.

7/8 Soccer – Thursday 5 August 2021

Teacher: Mrs Pitt

7/8 Girls Team: Amon Duoot, Zali Jadric, Bronte Naughton, Tehya Aspland, Hailey Rogan, Lucija Peric, Jessamine Alston-Campbell, Holly Conlon, Paige West, Maya McRae, Giorgia Mirenda, Etienne Davies, Bella Murray-Clark, Olivia McMahon, Isabelle Pitt

Senior Coaches: Alexia Williams, Claire Orton

The 7/8 Girls Soccer team played in a pool of 5 teams on the day and dominated the competition finishing on top of the pool. The girls demonstrated great skill and finesse on the field and displayed infectious enthusiasm across the day. The team came up against a very competitive Darra side in the Grand Final. The girls played with heart and determination, but unfortunately the results were not in our favour loosing 2 nil. Over the course of the day the girls only conceded 3 goals which is a massive effort from a very talented group of soccer stars. After finishing in 2nd place they made it through to the ACT Finals Gala Day, hopefully to be held later this term. Congratulations on a massive effort and thanks for a wonderful day out.

Thank you also goes to our Senior Coaches Alexia and Claire who displayed fantastic leadership and knowledge on the day.


Teacher: Mr Nolan

7/8 Boys Team: Leonardo Braybon, Liam Molloy, Jack Moyle, Sebastian Munoz, Harrison Behnke, Angelino Schiavello, Tyler Andreatta, Atem Duoot, Zac Colson, Harrison Pole, Gian Navarro, Dylan Sheedy, Oliver Jurjevic, Jordan Forka, Liam Donnelly

Senior Coaches: Xavier Gadzinski, Mason Rodriguez

The 7/8 Boys came up against some strong competition, in which they won some and lost some, unfortunately not making it through to the finals at the end of the day. The Boys should however be very proud of their efforts across they day as there were some great team plays in both attack and in defence, and some impressive goals were scored. The Boys played with a lot of heart, enthusiasm and SFX spirit, and it was great to see them come together as a team and improve as the day progressed.

Our senior coaches also deserve a mention Xavier and Mason, as they were very keen and eager to help the boys on the day. Thank you for volunteering your time and giving back to junior sport at SFX.


9/10 Soccer – Wednesday 11 August 2021

Teacher: Miss Morgan

9/10 Girls Team: Claudia Grgic, Amber Prins, Sally Kiss, Charlotte Behnke, Emily Tozer, Ava Jadric, Katie Hawke, Maddison Goodger, Charlotte Cowley, Molly Stocks, Jaime Bishop, Tahlia Arrow, Jada Lamond, Grace Conlon, Kyla Bell

Senior Coaches: Jemima Lum, Alys Holdom

On Wednesday 11 August the 9/10 Girls Soccer team participated in the Northside Soccer Carnival.

The team played some entertaining football across the day. There were some great combinations and fantastic goals scored. The team also utilised a range of goal keepers throughout the day which great to see everyone having the equal opportunity on the field. The windy conditions on the day proved tricky to navigate at times, and the girls did a wonderful job making some excellent saves. The girls won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 games on the day. Thanks for a great day out girls.

Many thanks to the senior coaches, Jemima Lum and Alys Holdom. The girls did a fantastic job, from the process of trials right through to the coaching and officiating on the carnival day.



Teacher: Miss Vandenbroucke

9/10 Boys Team: Paul Staltari, Domenic Staltari, Marcus Agnello, Isaiah Zamora, Findlay Farrell, Caleb Lynch-Jones, Xabi Davies, Daniel Medic, Matthew Lovrinovic, David Heleniak, Riley Bourke, Xavier Correia, Blake Tozer, Lekani Mpaso

Senior Coaches: Max Trushell, Chad Anyang

On Wednesday 11 August the 9/10 Boys completed in the Northside Soccer Carnival competition. The 9/10 boys formed some fantastic combinations in attack and where rock solid in defence only conceding 3 goals across the day. The boys played some very strong competition, twice coming back from 2 nil down to win the match. The boys progressed to the quarter final, winning that match with the last kick of the game. Unfortunately, they would not proceed further as for-and-against would decide the semi-finalists.

A special mention to our senior coaches Chad and Max. They lead the boys in a terrific manner which demonstrated the true SFX spirit. Well done boys!!


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