STEM in Year 7

Boiling water for many, is a task often automatic and part of our everyday lives. But have you ever considered that the process of boiling simple tap water contains many variables to identify, many safety measures and many considerations to measure? Especially in the Science Lab!

In Middle School STEM, Year 7 have been learning about lab safety, variables, scientific method and of course lighting Bunsen Burners. For many Year 7s, the Science Lab is a new space of excitement and is an elevation of learning from their primary school experiences in science.

The boiling water task performed in STEM, allowed the Year 7 group to learn about lab safety using their 5 senses, variables, using observations and prior knowledge and investigating the scientific method through creating aims, hypothesis, results and discussions.

Year 7 STEM teachers are looking forward to working with their classes to further develop the scientific knowledge and skills of their classes.

Stay tuned for more exciting practicals and scientific discoveries in Year 7.


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