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Storyathon 2023 winners

August 25, 2023

Every Year 7 student at SFX submitted a 100 word exciting story for our Storyathon@SFX competition in Humanities this term. The stories had to commence with ‘Suddenly’ and be interesting and creative.  Every student in all the classes then voted for their favourite story and the winners were decided.

Well done to Hayley Boag who came 1st for her story titled, The Graveyard. To Anaise Maka who came 2nd with her story titled, Saved by the Bell and Sebastian d’ Argeavel who came 3rd with his story titled, Nightmare. 

Congratulations to all students for their wonderful stories!


The Graveyard

By Hayley B

Suddenly, I woke up and there was a stream of wind that gave me a tingling shiver. I noticed a graveyard. I gradually made my way towards the abandoned cemetery that looked like it came out of my nightmare. As I walked past the grave yard to notice that the years on them didn’t seem right. I looked around some more and noticed one that read my mums name, died: 2030. “Mum…” I needed to get out of here, so I started running. then I tripped, and I saw it. My name and the date 3rd of April 2023. Today….


Saved by the Bell

By Anaise M

Suddenly I am in a room held as a hostage, being forced to look at the white board with absolute nonsense. I am not scared or terrified, but I am bored. Just really bored. Have you ever had that feeling when your parents tell you a story about “Back in their day” and you act like that you like it, but you don’t that’s exactly how I feel. I gaze out the window wondering how it feels to be free, but my thought gets cut off my kidnapper “Look at the board and focus!”. A bell ring’s … lunch time. 



By Sebastian d

The screams echo below entering my window whilst I sat in the corner. The shrieking would stop for just a second then start back up. The guttural screeching bellowed from within them while they vomited back up blood. The sounds of breaking windows echo through the streets. The humming of incoming helicopters yelling through the microphone looking for survivors. The green spores like fog block out the searchlights. Like infections the spores infected into the lungs making the people into an unholy abomination. The cracking of bones and contorting of flesh haunt my dreams. All I can do is wait.


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