Student and Family Counselling services at SFX

Student and Family Counselling services are provided by CatholicCare, with two qualified counsellors being based at the College. SFX is very committed to supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of students and the counsellors work closely with the pastoral care team at the school to provide this additional support. We aim for counselling to be a positive and normalised option to support coping with life’s challenges and for the experience to encourage help-seeking throughout life. Each year 20 per cent of SFX students engage in counselling regarding a wide range of issues that are impacting their mental health and wellbeing.

Counselling format

Our focus is providing short term counselling (1-6 sessions) for those students who are not seeing a private psychologist or external service. Students are seen during school time on a fortnightly basis for a 50 minute session. There is typically a two week wait for a first appointment, but we do accept urgent appointments as requested by the Pastoral Care team. We also provide telehealth appointments for students who are currently not attending school.

Consent and confidentiality

When students are under 14 years old, parents/carers will be contacted for permission before seeing the student. Older students can organise counselling directly. While counselling is confidential, we often communicate with parents/carers at the request of the student. Students are also informed that we have a duty of care to contact parents/carers if we become aware of issues of safety during the session. It is important to talk to your child before making a referral to counselling as it is a voluntary service. We are available to answer any questions or worries your child has about counselling or provide parent/carer support if your child chooses not to attend counselling.

How to contact the service

Often a parent/carer will initially speak to the Year Coordinator to discuss their concerns and the option of counselling. However you can email or call to discuss any confidential wellbeing concerns or make an online referral at

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