Textiles students getting creative

We have been working hard in Textiles during lockdown to create a wide range of activities using the resources we had at home.

The Year 9 & 10 students were given an upcycling design challenge whereby students were required to recreate a garment from its original state. Students chose many different options such as making shorts from jeans, making bags from t-shirts, recreating a shopping bag into a tote bags and even making a whole new outfit from an oversized button up shirt.  The students were very creative in their approaches to the tasks. We also created a portfolio of silhouette images to represent the elements of design based on artists such as ‘Al-Bluwi’ and ‘Nikolai Tolsty’. The students produced some beautiful images.

In Year 7 Textiles students have been working on identifying Textiles in their home and they also designed and created facemasks and sock monsters.

It has been challenging to undertake Textiles during lock down but also lots of fun. We can’t wait to see all our students back on campus soon.

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