Year 8 ‘Put it in the correct bin’

As Sustainability and Environment Leaders, we would like to congratulate the runners up, Hannah Drance and Lidija O’Donnell and winner Kara Cox for the Year 8 ‘Put it in the correct bin’ posters.

The final decision for the winning poster was very hard to make. We went back and forth quite a bit, but the deciding factors were how easy the poster was to understand and the accuracy of the information provided as to which rubbish items go in the recycling and waste bins, respectively.

We wanted to do this poster initiative as it was a fun way to get the younger students aware of ways that they can help sustainability at SFX. We also noticed that there was rubbish around the school and thought that students need to be encouraged to put their rubbish in the bin and informed as to what items can go in each bin. We thought that by giving the Year 8 students an opportunity to create a poster, we could put them up around the school for everyone to view and learn from. We brought this idea to Mr Potter, the Year 8 Pastoral Advisor, who was very welcoming to the idea. We created a PowerPoint, and the students were given pastoral lessons to complete the posters.

We would finally like to give a big thank you to all the Year 8 students that participated in this poster competition!

We hope this initiative will make a sustainable change to our school environment 😊

By Ebony Cowan and Sarah Raccosta, Sustainability & Environment Captains



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