Zooming with Takefu Higashi

SFX’s 15+ year relationship with Takefu Higashi High School is still going strong despite COVID-19 preventing our schools from meeting in person.

On Thursday 15 June, very brave Year 7 students had their first ever Zoom call with Takefu Higashi. And we mean ‘brave Year 7s’ because these students found out about the zoom call with less than a week to prepare and they were also alone on the zoom call—talking to three senior students in Japan who were 5 years older than them!

The room was quickly buzzing with conversation. Our students were testing out newly learned Japanese vocab and grammar and were able to keep the conversation flowing. When the formal part of the zoom conference finished, students began to chat about what their favourite things were and there were plenty of laughs as well.

Mrs Horsington and Mrs Bakonji could not be prouder of the way the students overcame their initial nerves and got on with communicating—not being worried about being totally word perfect.

We hope that we will be able to zoom with Takefu again in the not-too-distant future. We also hope that in 2023 we can welcome the students of Takefu Higashi to SFX…..in person.

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