Camping and caving in Wee Jasper

In week 2, Outdoor Education went on their first camp for 2022—three days in Wee Jasper!

This camp intertwined with the unit ‘Responsibility of Self and Others’ which students have been studying this semester. In this unit students have been learning climbing, belaying and propelling techniques in the outdoors.

With the guidance of the amazing instructions from the K7 Adventures team, over the three days students took part in abseiling into a cave, caving, climbing, belaying cave climbing ladders and hiking. Students also demonstrated their camping and leadership skills throughout camp and learned all about the geology of the cave systems and how they were formed.

It was awesome to see so many students pushed outside their comfort zones and build their confidence and trust in the equipment. Thank you to all students and Mr Marrapodi for a great trip. We hope you have all defrosted!

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