Changes to Transport Canberra

Just a friendly reminder to all parents and students that Transport Canberra’s new public transport network starts on the first day of Term 2, Monday 29 April 2019. For the first time in Canberra, we will see a new integrated network incorporating buses and light rail.

Students can use the TC Journey Planner to plan their trip to and from school. As part of the new network some bus stops will be closed, so please check your options via the journey planner. The journey planner and on line school maps are the easiest and most effective way for students to check the best options for school trips.

To celebrate the launch of the new network, Transport Canberra will provide a month of free travel when using your MyWay card. The free travel period is between Monday 29 April 2019 to Sunday 26 May 2019 on every bus and light rail journey.

In order to travel for free, students will need to make sure they:

  • Have a MyWay card
  • Tap on when they get on a bus or get to a light rail stop
  • Tap off when they get off the bus or at a light rail stop
  • Have a positive balance on their MyWay card.
For more information on MyWay visit the Transport Canberra website.
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