Is it safe to drink?

Year 7 STEM have begun their integrated study into filtration and separation by finding out – ‘Is it safe to drink’?

In this unit students investigate the various methods of separation and filtration in the science lab as well as identifying common and uncommon contaminants in the fresh water supply across our globe.

The culmination of this task will result in students designing, engineering and experimenting with their own filtration system created from recycled materials.

To begin this inquiry, students in Year 7 investigated the contaminants that could be found in our local lake water. The water sample used came from our very own turtle pond located outside the science department.

After learning about the safe and responsible use of the microscope, animal safety and potential water contaminants, Year 7 spent time looking at the creature and plant life that was described as, cute, gross, disgusting, wriggly, happy creatures and plants.

Is our pond water ‘Safe to Drink?’

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