Vaping & E-Cigarettes epidemic

Due to the recent media coverage and the overwhelming number of requests from schools looking for content in relation to the growing vaping epidemic that is spreading across Australia, SchoolTV has created a special report on the issue of vaping. It includes the latest findings and research and highlights the potential risks to a young person’s development and overall health.

Vaping is becoming a trendy pastime that is growing in popularity across Australia, especially amongst teenagers. It is the act of inhaling vapour created by an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. Many teenagers are succumbing to peer pressure around this risk-taking activity due to the ease of accessing and hiding vapes. They are often cheaper than conventional cigarettes, making them more cost-effective and attractive to young people.

This report offers guidance on how to differentiate fact from fiction in relation to vaping and e-cigarettes. We hope you find great value in the information offered.

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