It’s Your Move! | Design Thinking in Middle School

By Libby Goodsell

Year 8 Humanities have been immersed in a program developed by ACT Health called “It’s Your Move”.

We have been learning about entrepreneurship and design thinking. As teachers we know the skills we are imparting are for jobs that haven’t even been thought of yet, something we have certainly seen especially in the last 10 years.

Students had to work through “Themes” in small groups.

One of our favourite activities was to build a tower from raw spaghetti, a piece of string, a strip of sticky-tape and a marshmallow that was to be placed on top of the structure.

This activity was fun but also gave an insight into the idea of “failure” and finding new solutions to the problem.

It also demonstrated that many famous inventions were accidental from this very process of trying, failing, evaluating and trying again. It was an extremely busy, interactive and engaging program!


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