Japanese Drumming Workshop

By Danielle Madsen, Languages Coordinator

Year 8 Japanese students participated in a Japanese Drumming Workshop last week that was led by Kiyomi Sensei, a professional Taiko drummer.

The students were taught the drumming techniques for the traditional instrument and learnt how to play different rhythms on the drum.

“A wonderful experience and great fun getting to play the Taiko drums.” Ella Muller

“The workshop was very interesting as we got to learn about the Japanese culture and it was really enjoyable.” Brydie Rushton

“It was fun and interesting! I haven’t done anything like that before.” Nadia Liakas

“It was a lot of fun learning about the Japanese drumming techniques.” Lachlan


“The teacher was very knowledgeable, and we learnt how to play Japanese drums.” Cassie Merrick



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