Death Cap Mushroom Advice

Do not touch, pick or eat any wild mushrooms!

Death Cap mushrooms are one of the world’s deadliest mushrooms and can be currently be found across the Canberra region. Since 2002, there have been four deaths and several poisonings in the ACT due to Death Cap mushrooms.

In Canberra, Death Cap mushrooms often grow near established oak trees in mild, moist weather. Death Cap mushrooms have previously been found growing on school grounds in the ACT.

Parents and teachers are asked to remind children not to touch, pick or eat any wild mushrooms.

As the Death Cap mushroom can easily be confused with edible varieties, People are also strongly advised not to touch, pick or eat any wild mushrooms. It is difficult, even for experienced collectors, to tell the difference between the Death Cap mushroom and edible wild mushrooms.

All parts of the Death Cap mushroom are poisonous and eating part of a mushroom can be fatal. Cooking the Death Cap mushroom does not make it safe.

If you suspect that you or one of your family members might have eaten Death Cap mushrooms, you should seek urgent medical attention at a hospital emergency department.

If you believe you have seen a Death Cap mushroom, keep children and animals away and do not touch the mushroom with your bare skin.

If it is growing in a public area, please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

If it is in your own yard, wear rubber or plastic gloves and remove the whole mushroom, including any part under the ground. Put it straight into a plastic bag, put the bag into the rubbish bin and then wash your hands.

For further information on Death Cap mushrooms, download the fact sheet online at

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