Making the Transitions

By Ben Archer

This is the time of year when students begin to think of the next ‘big step’ in their life. Whether it be making the shift from Year 10 to Year 11, or from Year 12 into life after school. It can be a confusing and challenging time for everyone involved – especially the parents!

There are a number of tools available to help you navigate your way through the process. We strongly recommend the use of a website called Skillsroad ( As a useful starting point, it is worthwhile checking out their Career Quiz. You will get results across 7 broad areas:

  • The Go-Getter
  • The Handicrafter
  • The Carer
  • The Professional
  • The Coordinator
  • The Designer
  • The Techie

Each of these provides an insight into a students’ core interest and core skillset. This can then be used to help to spark discussions about areas of interest, such as subject selections and job applications.

To try the quiz, visit: You will need to register an account using your SFX email.

Once you’ve finished the quiz and got the result, please feel free to come in to chat with us at the Careers Office to talk through options for shifting into the next stage of your schooling life!

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