New carpet, celebrating women and clubs galore!

Welcome back to the new and improved Resource Centre. The carpet is back, the displays are up, and all our clubs are meeting. We are so grateful to our whole community for the humour and kindness shown to us while the RC was in transition—we are beyond thrilled with the result of our wonderfully carpeted space.

Currently the Library is celebrating International Women’s Day. Based on the findings of the United Nations we know that of the world’s illiterate, two thirds are women. While this number is daunting it is also a reminder of the immense privilege and joy it is to live in a place of safety where girls have access to education and the opportunities it enables.

This week has also brought our first Writer’s Club—a space for community and inspiration open to absolutely anyone. Reading Café has continued to provide a space for our avid readers to meet and test or knowledge in a fun, welcoming space. This week we had a guest teacher, the brilliant Mr Sicily, come to talk about his love of reading and share his passion with us all. Finally, Manga Club have been meeting in the RC at lunch on Fridays, where they discuss all things Manga and relax in our lounge, eat lunch and stream Anime, what could be better?!

Our ongoing reading challenge Readopoly has gone from strength to strength. We have loved seeing the creativity of the students as they read from a wide range of genres, but also as they read recommended books from staff and local authors and compete in challenges. The jars are beginning to fill and with them the chance to win gift cards and vouchers. We are excited to see even more from our wonderful students.

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