‘Tasted better than the Pancake Parlour!!’

Shrove ‘Monday’ was a huge hit at SFX.

Pancakes were flipped on our trusty BBQs and landed as short stacks on the plate, scoops of ice cream were served next followed by lashings of cream and maple syrup. Our Senior Leadership and Youth Ministry teams went above and beyond to deliver 500 stacks to the hungry students and staff. The smell wafted through the corridors and lingered throughout the day. There were smiles for miles.

The monies raised—close to $400—will go directly to Caritas, our Lenten charity. Well done SFX and thank you for such a great start to our fundraising campaign.

And finally, a big thank you to staff for donating all of the pancake mix.

If you would like to donate to the SFX Caritas Project Compassion fundraiser, you can do so through our donation page.

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