Principal’s Blog – 3 June 2020

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

In a recent webinar I attended, the presenter challenged the participants with a very interesting outlook. He said that we shouldn’t be asking “what sort of world do we want for our young people to inherit?” rather we should be saying “what sort of young people do we want for the world?”

This is the challenge for educators in preparing the youth to undertake their responsibilities as citizens in a world that is ever-changing and still developing. In the Australian Curriculum, they are called ‘general capabilities’ and include:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • information and communication technology
  • critical and creative thinking
  • personal and social capability,
  • ethical understanding, and
  • intercultural understanding.

It is a big task and there is much to be done to equip the youth with the skills to effectively navigate the challenges afoot. The current world events are a stark reminder of the need for all of the seven capabilities to be developed in our students on a daily basis.


Return to school

The return to school arrangements following the COVID-19 remote learning environment has been quite smooth. This week should resemble some normality, notwithstanding adjustments still in place for various restrictions.

A big thank you to everyone for supporting the measures. It has been a challenge for us all and we are also mindful of families and changing circumstances, for example, those who have been stood down or their business has lost revenue during this period.


Pick up and drop off traffic

Naturally, a significant number of parents are driving their children to school which has increased the traffic around the College precinct. I ask for your patience. We will be prioritising the buses, so please give way to them. The circular roundabout at the front of the College in Barnard Circuit is a bus zone. It is an infringement to drop off or pick up students in this space.


Winter uniform

Winter has begun and I request the adherence to the school uniform. I recommend buying the new navy jacket as it is warmer than the old blue and proving to be quite popular. I am surprised by the number of students who are still wearing the summer uniform given the sub-zero temperatures in the morning. In the COVID environment, it would be prudent to remain warmer so that cold and flu infections are minimised.


Best wishes

Mr Paul Carroll
Principal, St Francis Xavier College

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