Reading Cafe Wrap for Term 1

By Debra Slack

It has been an exciting first term for Reading Café as we welcomed a new Teacher Librarian to the Group.  Ms Talbot has joined us and has enjoyed getting to know our most enthusiastic readers.

A new initiative this term has been the introduction of guests and Featured Readers.  Mr Mullin (AP Student Wellbeing) was our first guest of the year and competed against our readers in some hotly contested literary Kahoots.  We were very appreciative of the time Mr Mullin spent with us.

Our first Featured Reader was Mr Betts who provided an inspiring talk about his favourite genres, books and authors.  Mr Betts advice to the group was to continue to read as broadly as possible and that reading is ‘sic’. The passionate discussion that followed provided everyone with many new titles to add to our holiday reading lists.

Our readers were so inspired by Mr Betts visit, that they have been volunteering to share their own favourite genres, books and authors with the group.  This has once again provided lively discussion and lots of exciting new suggestions of titles to read.  I would like to thank Freddy, Ella, Chloe, Arunima and Raziel for volunteering to speak to the group.  These students have pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones in order to share their passion for reading publicly and we are very proud of them and richer from the experience.

Reading Café is constantly evolving and term 2 looks as though it will be very exciting as we embark on an adventure with book trailers – both watching them and creating our own.

Several of our Reading Café students had great success at the recent Kid’s Lit Quiz held at Canberra Girls Grammar. We are very proud of the 3 teams that participated. It was a fantastic night for them to showcase the depth of their literary knowledge.  Congratulations to all involved!

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