Reconciliation Week morning tea

During Pastoral in this Reconciliation Week, we had a special invite to the kitchens for morning tea. Ms Nutt thought it would be a great way to acknowledge Reconciliation Week by cooking up a storm using traditional bushtucker ingredients.

Students were greeted with tiers of deliciousness—wattle seed scones, macadamia and white chocolate biscuits and lemon myrtle heart biscuits. This was followed by crocodile sliders, kangaroo pizzas and emu sausages on brochette chips. Finally, all this delicious food was washed down with rosella flower lemonade.

The pictures show how well received the treats were and how much they were enjoyed. The resounding and overwhelming favourite was the kangaroo pizza! Tables were dressed in the three colours of the Aboriginal Flag: black for the night sky (and skin colour), yellow for the Sun and red for the colour of the earth (and blood shed on it). It was an excellent forum to discuss Reconciliation and ways we can “Be Brave and Make Change”.

A very special thanks to Ms Nutt for generously giving your time and for your efforts in making such delicious food. A big thank you to Ms Zaire who assisted with the preparation.

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