Resource Centre Services for Students

  • Assignment submission printing- If you still prefer marking on paper why not have the RC staff print out your assignment submissions from Canvas. Ask us how
  • Turnitin- we’re happy to show you and/or your students how best to utilise this great resource
  • Identification of topic specific resources– to support your teaching
  • Resource Lists (Pathfinders)- to support your student’s research needs. We can put together a list on Canvas of quality online, database and book resources

Please email us your research assignments!

  • Book Boxes– collections of relevant books tailored to your students’ research needs that you can take along to your class/es
  • Referencing Workshop– basics/ senior requirements. This can be delivered to your whole class, or individuals/small groups needing extra support
  • In-text Referencing Workshop– breakdown of the ‘how to’ then students apply their new knowledge with an activity
  • Evaluating information sources– what NOT to include in their reference list and how to find the good stuff
  • Virtual Reality incursion– we are happy to see if there is anything suitable that may relate to a topic you are teaching- now using YouTube content
  • Department Resources– Invite us to your department meeting to promote and upskill the use of subject specific databases and ClickView
  • All bulk printing and laminating, including posters
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