Sapori di Calabria

A visit to Les Tres Bon in Bungendore.

Sapori di Calabria (Tastes of Calabria)

Year 10 and Senior students of Italian had an opportunity to experience an immersion into Italian culture, specifically Calabrian culture, on Wednesday 27 July 2022.

The day began on arrival to the restaurant, with a typical Italian breakfast: a pastry with hot chocolate. Then, Josephine, our host, presented the history, landscape, and gastronomy of Calabria. She emphasised how the region of Calabria is an unknown quantity in terms of global tourism. She talked about Calabria’s unique history and influences.

The students then had a wonderful experience of a hands-on cooking class with chef, Christophe, Josephine’s husband. They learnt how to make arancini—typical rice balls which the students enjoyed for lunch, accompanied by a fresh salad and fruit juice. The meal was delightfully finished off with some home-made licorice ice-cream! Bravi!

The Italian excursion to Le Tres Bon, was such an extraordinary experience to be a part of. Learning about Calabria and learning how to make Arancini was such an amazing learning experience for everyone that was there. Many thanks to Chef Christophe and Josephine; so grateful to them for this experience and can’t wait to go back to the restaurant.

– Lara, Y12

 The cooking class was my favourite part, because I enjoyed listening and speaking in Italian.

Sarah, Y12

 I had so much fun learning about the culture of Calabria and how unique different parts of Italy are. And it was great to make delicious Italian food while doing it!

Mia, Y12

What I most enjoyed about our Italian excursion was learning about the different regions of Italy and the interesting stereotypes from each region. It was also fascinating to learn about the growth of Liquorish in the Calabria region. I enjoyed meeting new people and bonding with my future classmates. This excursion helped me view Italy in a new light and I can’t wait to continue Italian next year.

Caelan, Y10

Learning about Calabria and being immersed in the Italian culture was an incredible experience.

Sarah Y11


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