Senior Ethics Olympiad 2022

On Tuesday May 3, the Senior Ethics Olympiad was once again held online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Over 25 NSW and ACT schools competed head to head on various ethical topics such as Homophobic Discrimination and Freedom of Speech, the Medical Brain Drain in Nigeria, the possible impropriety of modern performance art or the issue of anti-natalism.

We fielded TWO teams this year

  • Year 11: Harry Nielsen, Philippa Walker, Lucca Paini, Rose Masula and Alizzandra Tebangin
  • Year 10: of Zoe Brown, Amelia Green, Raz Colina Alcazar, Ekaterina Maric and Ben Blair.

The teams had to discuss topics against the opposing team with a view to engage in critical thinking and analysis. They were also required to build on arguments and consider different points of view as well as answer questions put to them by judges from universities all around the country. They performed with exemplary prowess, all contributing to the overall arguments put forward by our teams. The students represented the school with great merit and we are extremely proud of them.

The results will come in the next week or so.

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