Sound Scouts – Hear for your Future

Sound Scouts is a hearing test incorporated into a mobile game. It checks for three different types of hearing issues:

  1. Conductive hearing loss (middle ear issues)
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss (inner ear issues)
  3. Difficulties listening in noise (potentially caused by processing issues, attention or language issues including ESL)

Sound Scouts is an evidence-based application developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories and is supported by Australian Hearing. Sound Scouts is now FREE for all children aged 4 – 17 thanks to support from the Federal Government! And for a limited time adults can also test for free.

To access the free sessions:

  1. Download the Sound Scouts App on a mobile device from the App Store or Google Play (tablets/iPads are preferable when testing children however a phone can be used). Links are available at Please note, if you have previously used the App you will need to update it to access the free sessions.
  2. Use a good quality set of adult headphones (Sennheiser HD 100 or HD 300). Please do not test with children’s headphones or poor quality headphones as they may impact the results. Headphones must be used.
  3. Any responsible adult (ideally with good hearing) can set up and oversee testing.
  4. Ensure the test is carried out in a quiet room.
  5. WiFi is required to process the results and receive an immediate report. The report will also be sent to the email provided.
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