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Josie Graham and Carlee Tonkin (Year 12) participated in a week long STEM Conference at the end of last year. They were both invited to speak at the STEM Defence Conference about their experience on the 21st of August.

Carlee Ann speaks about her experience here:

“I enjoyed STEM Sista because we had the privilege of meeting and having conversations with numerous different women in different STEM careers. This allowed us to gain perspective as to how many different possibilities and options there are out there in a STEM career because I think it is quite often that you don’t realise how many opportunities you have in the STEM field and where it can take you.”

“In the STEM field, I am very much a lover of maths and so am hoping to go down that road. I am currently in the process of applying for universities and am considering mathematical sciences, actuarial studies or engineering. So, to where that takes me, I am not quite sure yet, I just know that it will be all maths, all the time.”

“STEM Sista was one of the most beneficial programs I have been a part of and I would recommend any girl considering a career in STEM to participate. Not only did we meet several different women in STEM fields, we also learnt how to write cover letters and resumes, how to conduct ourselves professionally for job interviews and how to deal with different personalities, as well as financial prosperity. So, whilst it was all about STEM, we learnt basic life skills that really should be taught to everyone!”

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