Student Office Reminders

Below are some reminders from the Student Office about labelling items, lost property and student whereabouts.

Labelling Items

With the colder weather setting in this is just a friendly reminder to please label all jumpers and jackets.

Lost Property

The lost property in Student Office is overflowing. Please come and see us if you have lost jewellery, watches, glasses, pencil cases, keys, wallets, key rings, USB sticks, umbrellas.

If your child has lost a jumper or jacket please ask them to come to student office to look in the lost property.

We also have a large collection of tupperware with no names.

Students Coming and Going

All students should have their student ID cards to sign in and out of school.

Students who need to leave during the day need to be sent to school with a note to leave class and be signed out at student office. Or you could notify the student office through email, text or phone call ahead of time to arrange sign out.

For more information, email


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