Student Office Services, 2019

Welcome to 2019 from the student office:

Please see below for some house keeping reminders.

Arriving late: If a student is arriving late for school, please inform the student office at the start of the day or even a few days/ weeks before hand. We can sign them in on arrival and you won’t be sent a text in the morning.

Leaving early: If a student is required to leave the school early due to appointments/commitments inform the school as soon as possible. We will be able to have them ready for pick up at the top of the stairs near front reception.

Please select one method of communication to inform the school of lates/ absences. Eg. text

Please do not inform Teaching Staff/Year Coordinators of any lates/absences or early departures. The student office will pass on any information to staff that is required.

If they are being collected by someone who is not on the primary contact list, the person collecting will need to bring photo ID. The student will need a hand written note from home to verify. If not, we will contact primary contacts to confirm. We cannot sign out the student until we have confirmation.

If a student contacts you directly during the school day to inform you they are unwell or just wanting to go home, please either ignore the contact or ask them to go see the student office or Year Coordinator. The school will call you if we think a student needs to go home. Unfortunately, there are consequences for students who use technology inappropriately during school time.

MyWay/Bus Passes

Please place your student’s name on the card in permanent marker. We have been instructed by Transport Canberra that we are unable to return unidentifiable lost cards to student. If we can identify who owns the card, we can return it to the student. All unidentified cards must be returned to Transport Canberra.

If lost property has a name on it we are able to send it back to the student during the school day. If there is no name it is placed in lost property.

New Clothing Pool Opening Hours

Tuesday 7:30 am to 8:00am

Thursday 3:00pm to 3:30pm


Names:  Jessica and Emmalee


SMS:  0416 906 262

PHONE:  6258 1055


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