Sustainability awards

There have been many sustainable initiatives happening across the College recently and we have been able to run a variety of different competitions and promotions to encourage students to be sustainable.

Year 7

Students have been learning about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders use the land to their advantage and treat the land as their family. Students have also been discovering the different plants, shrubs, bushes and trees that the Aboriginal people use to eat and use for medicinal purposes. All students then designed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘Bush Tucker’ garden bed for the SFX garden. The best designs and accompanying rationales were judged and the winning design and runners up will have their designs created and planted in the SFX garden.

Winner: Olive M

Runners Up: Elisha C and Sebastijan P

Finalists: James J, Elizabeth G, Natasha S and Emma S

Year 9

All Year 9 students completed an assignment on the proposal of a sustainability initiative that could be applied at SFX. The top 10 group proposals were submitted by their SOSE teachers to a Sustainability panel to judge the winning group. All the finalist assignments were assessed and their proposals were thoroughly researched and analysed and a detailed description given of their solutions. They were evaluated on many components including the implementation feasibility and necessary funding and support required. The winning group had the advantage that it had a minimal cost but could make a significant impact at reducing the organic waste that is left at SFX. By directing this waste to the worm farms and buffets as well as our compost bins.

The winning group was the Sustainability Organic Waste Pitch by: Belle P, Olivia M, Amelia H and Millie M.

Each of these students will receive a voucher/prize from our Treadlightly prizes.

Well done to all!



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