Vinnies Christmas Appeal! Give Generously @ SFX

We have started our annual Christmas Appeal to support one of our local charities – Vinnies.  The Christmas tree is decorated and it is surrounded by Pastoral boxes ready to be filled with goodies for local needy families.  Did you know 2.2 million people live below the poverty line in Australia?

Here are some ideas for non-perishable goods to donate to school:

Christmas pudding

custard powder

tinned fruit


long life milk

bon bons



fruit mince pies

pasta and pasta sauce

savoury biscuits



Pastoral Leaders are encouraging pastorals to donate any non-perishable items the students themselves would like to eat/use on Christmas Day.


If you’d like to make a further donation, the email address for Vinnies is:


Many thanks for your ongoing support for Vinnies – your donations will make a real difference to some local families.






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