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Welcome to the Visual Arts Department 2023!

February 16, 2023

Why bother learning Visual Arts at SFX?

Learning about art, how artists work and honing our skills as artists, teaches our children invaluable life skills—and as a bonus, we all (students AND teachers) have so much fun in the process!

At SFX, students develop skills for lifelong flourishing through their study of Visual Arts. How?

  • Students gain the artistic ability to enter a sense of ‘flow’, being completely submersed in a deeply satisfying activity. An accessible tool for life to promote wellbeing!
  • We learn so much about ourselves, humanity and the world through art. The adage is true—a picture paints a thousand words. 
  • Our students are taught to ‘think outside the box’, developing essential skills for success in the 21st century—creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. 
  • The artmaking process is a highly effective tool for students to explore their values and identity, helping them make sense of the multiple messages and imagery society bombards them with. 

At SFX students study visual arts for a semester in either Year 7 or 8, then they can complete electives in Years 9-12. Students learn painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, media and photography. Our incredible supply of resources and excursions enables rich and engaging learning experiences to ignite students’ passion for artmaking—for leisure or a career! 

What do our students think about studying Visual Arts?

Student: Jack O, Year 12 Media & Visual Arts

Most memorable learning experiences in the Visual Arts Department?

‘Developing my skills and creativity with the support of my teachers and peers to achieve a piece I am proud of.’

Favourite projects completed in the Visual Arts department?

‘In Year 11 Visual Arts I created a sculpture of a representation of the evolution of architecture and nature. In Media, I really enjoyed working with a group through the process of making an original horror murder mystery short film.’

Student: Victoria C, Year 12 Photography

Most memorable learning experiences in the Visual Arts Department?

‘I like learning outside the classroom. I enjoy going on excursions, gaining experience in the real world.’

Favourite projects completed in the Visual Arts department?

‘I have many favourite projects, but a standout was the underwater photography project. It was awesome not only to go into the pool but using the specialized underwater cameras and seeing how the pictures came out. Another favourite was the still life assignment. In this task, I incorporated significant personal objects into a self-portrait series. I enjoyed this project, not only because it made me think about my life but it also bought me out of my shell, showing my true emotions in the photos.

Student: Jess W, Year 12 photography

In Year 10 Jess created an underwater photo in the portraiture course and in Year 11 she experimented with the Japanese fish ink-printing technique of Gyotaku (in this case using an octopus), in the Innovative Photography course. 

All the best for a wonderful learning journey in 2023! 


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