Wetlands, koalas and hanging rock

A few weeks ago, the Year 7 Humanities classes went on an excursion to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to go bushwalking. There was a variety of walks that we went on including the Wetlands, the Koala Path and Hanging rock.

The first walk that our class went on was the Wetlands. On this walk we went passed dams and weirs, but unfortunately, we didn’t see any platypus. Although we did see a few ducks and a potoroo. The potoroo that we saw even let us pat it! We then had lunch and went to see the koalas. One of the koalas was moving around a lot but the other three were very sleepy. Once we had walked around the Koala Path, we got back on the bus and drove up to the Hanging Rock walk. Hanging rock is a large Aboriginal rock shelter that was used all year round and provided shelter from three directions.

Our favourite parts of going to Tidbinbilla was walking around the wetlands and the koalas. We learnt more about how Australia’s Indigenous people used the land and cared for it.

By Jansen V & Elisha C

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