Book Week 2022

Book Week 2022 was loud and fabulous!

We had resident musicians come and entertain the crowds during lunch breaks—not of the acoustic variety that you might picture in a library, but rather rock bands. It is safe to say that our students are prepped and ready for Battle of the Bands this coming SFX Day. Talking about bands, the SFX Band has assembled for the first time since COVID-19, and they were amazing. Watch out for more inspiring tunes from this group.

Sadly, our visiting author Gary Lonesborough was unable to attend at the last minute, to the disappointment of many. We hope to line up another author visit before the year is out so stay tuned.

The dress up day saw more students and staff participate than ever before! There were lucky door prizes, greenscreen antics and the karaoke session was rocking. We are actually contemplating bringing this back for an end of term party. We had some Indigenous artists visit the College to work with a small group of female students, who spent the day learning to basket weave. Beading and Dreamy, First Nation story tellers meditation was also on offer throughout the week and saw many repeat customers.

The Great Book Swap was a success with around a thousand books generously donated and then purchased by many eager readers. All funds are going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We would like to thank all community members for making donations to this worthwhile cause and for participating in the celebration of Book Week 2022.

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