Japanese exchange with a difference

COVID-19 has not stopped the relationship between Takefu Higashi High School and SFX from continuing. We have had a sister school relationship for well over 15 years and while we have not been able to travel to see each other, thanks to technology we can still see each other.

Recently the Year 10 class were lucky to have a Zoom call for an hour with Year 10 students from Takefu Higashi. Our students started out a little nervous and shy but soon got the hang of it. We played a game similar to ‘celebrity heads’ where students asked a series of yes or no questions to guess the internationally famous Japanese or Australian celebrity.

Following this, a group discussion on the merits of small and large families saw significant engagement on both sides of the screen. All agreed that small families gave greater access to time with parents, the internet and food.

After the formalities and lesson concluded, the students took advantage of a little left-over time to ask questions about pets, hobbies and life as a teenager in Japan.

We plan to do this again soon, and this time SFX students will be leading the conversations. We will investigate part time jobs and what future aspirations of peers.


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