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Student work on display

The Languages team is very grateful to the students at SFX for allowing them to display their creative responses to film studies and other works produced in Italian and Japanese. The wonderful creations were on display in the main corridor to welcome the students back to school!

Carnevale, Italy

Every year, the famous celebration of Carnevale takes place in Venice, Italy, and other parts of the country. Carnevale is a feast that occurs in the fortnight leading up to Shrove or Pancake Tuesday. Carnevale means ‘saying goodbye to meat’ – in earlier times people gave up meat during the season of Lent. During Carnevale people wear costumes and masks to conceal their identity and play tricks on one another before Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent.

If you would like to learn more, check out the Visit-Venice-Italy website.

Our Italian students have embraced Carnevale and have participated in an exciting in-College competition – submitting masks of the more famous characters of Carnevale for display! Congratulations to these students for their enthusiasm and excellent participation! Bravissimi and yoku dekimashita (well done!).

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